Hello world!

Welcome to Why Use Rust. Of course my blog starts with “Hello World” – that’s pretty standard for programmers to start, right!?

I want to talk to you about the Rust language.

This young programming language has steadily been gaining popularity among developers due to its unique blend of performance, safety, and ease of use. In fact, Rust has been voted the “most loved” language by developers in the Stack Overflow Developer Survey for the past five years!

But why should you use Rust? Well, for starters, Rust’s emphasis on memory safety and thread safety makes it a great choice for writing system-level software or any application where security and reliability are paramount. Its built-in dependency management and package manager make it easy to keep your dependencies up-to-date and prevent version conflicts.

But Rust is not just for low-level system programming. Its expressive syntax and macro system make it a good choice for web development, game development, and even machine learning. And with its growing ecosystem of libraries and tools, Rust’s versatility as a language is becoming increasingly evident.

So whether you’re a seasoned developer, a student just starting out, or somewhere in between, Rust has something to offer. Join me on this journey as we explore this exciting programming language together!

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